What Physicians Say About Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy®

Desmond Tivy, M.D. 

“My enthusiasm for Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy® exists because I find it works, and works more quickly, more effectively, and as, or more, safely, than its conventional alternatives. the benefits versus side effect ratio of Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy® is one of the highest of any treatment I have available to me in the practice of medicine.”

Jesse Stoff, M.D.

“Through the combination of various Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy® techniques and the use of special muscle exercises, the patient can experience a great deal of relief even for disorders that have been troubling for months or years. Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy® combines the best of many of the manipulative physical medical therapies into a modern, integrated approach that can be of great help even in working with internal medical diseases. ”

Gary R. Moersch, PA-C

“Since bringing one of your Bonnie Prudden Myotherapists into our office, we have had a 97% to 98% success rate with all patients sent to the Bonnie Prudden Myotherapist. It has helped make these patients pain free from everything from headaches, backaches, muscle strains, and even carpel tunnel syndrome. Thank you for giving the medical profession another tool in treating acute and chronic pain relief. “