About Energy Work

Energy work helps the body to strengthen its natural self-healing mechanisms. The therapist channels positive, healing energy to the receiver and works to balance energy patterns in the body. You will receive benefits such as feeling grounded, deep relaxation, stress relief, restored balance, and experience being in the moment.

What You May Experience In A Session

During a session you may experience a feeling of inner quiet, peace, and relaxation. It may lesson or release any symptoms you may have of stress, anxiety and bring an overall sense of well being. 

I use a combination of the methods below during our session in whatever way your body asks me too. When allowing me to work with your energy, you will get to better understand yourself and what you need to work through. It is gentle and calming.


This is a Japanese technique of energy medicine that uses a meditative state of care and healing where the therapist becomes a conduit of universal healing energy to the client, subtly sensing and reacting to the movement, flow and release of the energy. It energetically aids the body in balancing its vital energy, removing energetic blocks and encourages renewed vitality.

Chakra Balancing

A hands on healing modality which uses gentle non-invasive touch to promote the integration between mind, body an spirit. It facilitates relaxation, pain relief, and stress reduction. Opening the chakras and balancing energy flow through touch gives the body access to all available resources for wellness and provides new tools for insight and increased well-being.