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Who Might Try Myotherapy?


            a)  Those whose head, neck, torso or limb pain does not seem to have a direct           
                  structural origin.  The implication that the problem is functional may be
                  derived from the history, or from the absence of the objective physical

            b)  Those whose structural problems, such as arthritis, have been controlled
                  physically (e.g., by medication) as well as possible, but who continue to
                  have pain for reasons that may be functional.

            c)  Those with probable structural problems such as suspected lumbar disc
                  prolapse that may be potentially treatable by surgery, to whom the patient
                  or physician exhibits reluctance to embark on an irreversible procedure in
                   a less than ideal setting.  (Should Myotherapy happen to work, surgery
                   will have been avoided.  Should Myotherapy fail, the lack of side effects
                   ensures that little has been lost; indeed, resolve toward surgery has now
                   been strengthened.)

As with other therapies, there is no need to use Myotherapy exclusive of other approaches: for instance, in its use together with medication one can complement the other; or its use post surgery can facilitate return to function.  In particular, in the common case in which pain is of both structural and functional origin, it may be vital to treat both causes either sequentially or simultaneously.  It should be noted, however, that where it is a matter of trying (for want of objective precision) surgery first and Myotherapy second, or in the reverse order, it is a lot safer, cheaper and less irreversible to try Myotherapy first!

I can think of few therapeutic modalities at my command with fewer side effects than those of  Myotherapy.”


                                                                                           Dr. Desmond Tivy
                                                                                           Lee, Massachusetts






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