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We have found Myotherapy to be a safe and effective way to treat a variety of situations. We have used Myotherapy in the reduction of swelling as in the case of ankle sprains and contusions. It has helped us ease the pain of tendinitis, muscle soreness, and general tightness and stiffness in joints and muscles.

Myotherapy is a very versatile means of treatment that can be administered pre-game, in the training room,post-game, at the hotel or at home, and often times during the course of the game on the bench, or if necessary on the field. In a short time, we can give a long time of relief, from the discomfort of headaches to foot problems and practically every place in between.

We feel Bonnie Prudden's Myotherapy techniques have made our training methods better and more efficient. We thank her for her insight and efforts and the athletes thank her for providing the trainer with a method of pain relief through pressure point Myotherapy.

Larry Davis
  Barry Weinberg  
Oakland Athletic Trainers




Arizona Myotherapy Center
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Arizona Myotherapy Center
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