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Your pain is described in so many ways: dull, shooting, sharp, slicing, throbbing, stabbing, aching, stinging, and burning. We all experience it, but we know so little about it. What we do know is that chronic pain is generally caused from receptors in muscle fibers that are fired by Trigger Points. Trigger Point is a medical term defined as an irritable spot in the muscle. When these Trigger Points fire, pain follows. Your pain often has a distant source. For example, Trigger Points in the upper back and shoulders cause most headaches. Typically, spasm accompanies chronic pain. Pain begets spasm: spasm begets more pain. Myotherapy locates and defuses these Trigger Points.

Each of us has a unique constellation of Trigger Points created by the lives we’ve lead, the sports we’ve played, occupations we’ve chosen, the accidents and injuries we’ve suffered and even the manner of our birth. Any or all of these conditions can determine where our Trigger Points, and our pains may be.





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