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“Myotherapy is a way to get rid of pain. It does not involve medications. Now that we have so dramatically extended life, we all recognize the desire to enhance its quality. Conventional medicine is contributing tremendously to that end and so too are those outside the mainstream of medicine, such as Bonnie Prudden.”
Robert N. Butler, M.D.
Brookdale Professor of Geriatrics. Mt. Sinai School of Medicine.

“As a Physician, I recommend Myotherapy to many patients with a wide variety of musculoskeletal and arthritic aches and pains. Whereas drugs that relieve pain and muscle spasm work for hours, Myotherapy can bring relief for weeks, months or years if the prescribed program is adhered to. Where no orthopedic or medical contraindications exist, physicians can do many of their patients a great service by referring them to a qualified Myotherapist. That is an opinion based both on professional observation and personal experience over the past decade.”
Robert Slocum, M.D.
East Hamptom Massachusetts.

"As Medical Director, I derive tremendous satisfaction from the almost miraculous recovery and symptom elimination with Myotherapy. I can not think of any therapy that I've learned in Medical School that could compare even closely with Myotherapy regarding the dramatic and instantaneous relief from pain and functional impairment of the patients in our Center. It would probably be safe for me to say that my success rate is at least 90%."
Horatio O. del Rosario, M.D.
General Motors Corporation

Wentzille Assembly Center, Wentzille, Missouri

“Since bringing one of your Myotherapists into our office, we have had a 97 to 98% success rate with all the patients sent to the Myotherapist. It has helped make these patients pain free from everything from headaches, backaches, muscle strains, and even carpel tunnel syndrome. Thank you for giving the medical profession another tool in treating acute and chronic pain relief.”
Gary R. Moersch, PA-C, Assistant Clinical Administrator.
Warren Wildwood Medical Center, Michigan.

“As a Neurologist practicing at The Medical Clinic of Sacramento, I utilize Myotherapy for patients with Myofascial pain or fibromyalgia. This type of treatment is especially effective in well motivated patients and quite cost effective.”
Charles B. Bernic, M.D.
Mercy Medical Foundation of Sacramento

“Through the combination of various Myotherapy techniques and the use of special muscle exercises, the patient can experience a great deal of relief even for disorders that have been troubling for many months or years. Myotherapy combines the best of many of the manipulative physical medical therapies into a modern, integrated approach that can be of great help even in working with internal medical diseases.”
Jesse Stoff, M.D.
Soltice, Tucson, Arizona





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